Guided Reading

Think about what you’ve read so far of Chapter 4, then answer the following questions. Remember to use the text and answer in full sentences.

1. Why do you think the author writes “but it would not come and it would not come” when Michael is waiting for daylight?(p48)

2. Find and copy two words from page 49 that show how Stella moved.

3. Read the last paragraph of page 50. How does the writer show that Stella is scared?

4. What does the howling noise turn out to be? (p50)

5. Find and copy the word on page 51 that means the top of a hill.

Super Science!

Year 6 have been excellent scientists again today, learning more about how the heart works and investigating the effects of exercise on our heart rate.

Remember our Science question of the day; why doesn’t your blood all flow down to your feet? Dojo points for anyone who can tell me tomorrow!

Maths challenge!

In Maths we have been practising ordering and rounding numbers. If you want a real challenge Year 6, try the one below! You’ll need all the Maths skills you’ve learned so far this week, and to stretch your Noticing and Reasoning learning muscles!

The heart

This afternoon Year 6 learned about all the different parts of the heart firsthand when we dissected a lamb’s heart. We identified the left atrium, right atrium and left and right ventricles, as well as valves and major blood vessels. Great work Year 6!